Junior projects


Welcome to all...

....juniors, young English learners, teenaged students and adolescent language explorers!


There will be a new summer holiday English project in Waizenkirchen in 2016 with interesting topics and lots of fun and you are invited to join.


Effective group work and English conversation will help you to

- mainly improve your English speaking fluency,

- foster grammar comprehension and its practical use,

- learn about topics you like most,

- collect new words and practise grammar,

- gain ability to develop your individual project(s) in English,

- present it to the audience,

- appear online on this site and

- receive a final certificate for all your effort.


Level I: 1 + 2. Klasse NMS, 1. + 2. Gymnasium

Level II: 3. + 4. Klasse NMS, 3. + 4. Gymnasium


Early bird sessions: 8 am - 10 am

Late morning sessions: 11am - 12am



- Tue Aug 23rd + Thu Aug 25th, 2016

- Tue Aug 30th + Thu Sep 1st, 2016

- Tue Sep 6th  + Thu Sep 8th 2016

- Fri Sep 9th at 4 pm


We will meet twice a week in the morning and have 2 lessons each meeting, in those 3 weeks we will be having 12 lessons in total plus one late afternoon for presentation.

Please note the limited number of students: min. 2 students, max. 5 students.

There will be one extra late afternoon "Friday" for all the students together to present their project work and training results to the audience (parents, relatives, friends, everyone who would like to come and listen) plus receiving their certificates. This presentation event is included in the total costs.


Total costs:

12 lessons for 2 to 3 students.........................€ 300,- each student

12 lessons for 4 to 5 students.........................€ 150,- each student

Please note: Duration of lesson is 60 minutes.


Also: For those who wish to book an intensive single training total costs are € 600,- also dates can be chosen flexibly to meet the learners needs.


Extras are included:

- you will be invited for an ice-cream to a cafe in Waizenkirchen, but you will have to order in English;

- during the lessons fresh water will be served to all learners;

- copies and flip chart papers for presentations are included in the course fee;

- your video taped presentation and e-book material will be set online as service of flexible languages;

- English books, dictionaries and online translators (PCs) will be provided by Brigitte for free use during the sessions!


I am sure, this summer project is going to be an





                         effective and

                            very beneficial English experience for you.



If all this sounds interesting to you, feel free to ask


- mobile 0680 302 8001

- brigittefalkner(at)gmail(dot)com

- office(at)flexible-languages(dot)com

for more details!



You are welcome to book NOW!


 Latest booking: Fri Aug 19th, 2016



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Infoschreiben in ENGLISCH
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