Curriculum/tasks & deadlines

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Week 1

In this week you will learn how to create a blog with your peer for your classprojects.

Each week, starting on Monday, you will be given texts to read, exercises to work on and

tasks to do:


1.)  texts should be read and questions need to be answered and emailed to

      brigittefalkner(at) by Tuesday midnight;


2.)  grammar exercises and online tests need to be finished and results printed and handed in

      by Thursday. Use this link for the exam:


3.)  peer activity: create a peer blog using your first names eg 'Peerblog Laura and David'.

      If you are having problems, please ask immediately, as this blog is very important for

      our project to get running properly. Once you have set up your blog, go to 'contact' of this

      site and post your blog link, so I know that you managed to finish and I will add your blog

      link to students' section of this site. The deadline for creating your blog is Saturday 5pm.

Week 2

Week 3